Tuesday, July 13, 2010

at church or in church?

so its been a while since i last blogged for real, like seriously wrote my thoughts down or ranted about something. basically i just have not had time or really anything worth writing about.
as we have been traveling i have been able to listen to some different pastors do what they do on Sunday morning. if you have never been to different churches or ventured out to listen to other pastors you are really doing yourself and (in my opinion) your pastor a disservice. if you dont know different techniques or different preaching/speaking styles then you are lulled into this idea that there is only one way of doing things. now i dont love change but i know that it is important for me to experience if i want to grow to be a well rounded person-intellectually not physically-ive got that under control. but as i have been traveling, some of the places we have been we have been under people we know and people we have just met and every pastor had a different approach to their presentation of the Bible to the congregation they are in. either they walked around and talked with people in the congregation or they stood behind the pulpit and never moved, some spoke without refering to their notes while some frequently referred to their notes and all of these were well done but here is the thing i am taking away from our experiences is that if i follow along it doesnt matter what the pastor does or how he does it i will still get something out of it, but if i expect to be entertained or dont bring my Bible i probably wont get as much if anything out of it except what i think i heard. the possibility for what is being said can easily be misconstrued because i am not following along or tracking with the pastor and the passage of Scripture. now you probably think that a missionary should not be figuring this our at this point in the game and i didnt just figure this out, i was reminded that i need to follow along and try and make the my own connections between the dots as the pastor is speaking and if they match up-great and if they dont-guess what-the Bible is living and active and is why i keep reading this "gateway to God". So i want to encourage you to follow along try and find the three points of the sermon either with the sermon notes that are passed out or withoutp; challenge yourself to get something more out of the sermon. God isnt going to ask how many time you were at church, I think He is going to ask you what you did with the information you learned in church. You can be one of two things: at church or in church! Which are you?

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