Saturday, November 7, 2009

numbers and football

I am still reading Numbers, don’t think I had an idea blogged about it and forgot about it. I like to take my time reading and with my inconsistency it is a project that will take some time but in reality I am not on a time frame. Up to this point my sister has chosen to walk with me on this journey I’m sure that many of you are doing so you just didn’t say anything and honestly it’s no biggie. I hope you are finding little hints of a pre-incarnate Christ or events in the lives of Israelites that reveal a bigger picture of salvation.

Football season is over and it was a hard long fight, we suffered with numerous injuries that eliminated some of our starting seniors but as a referee friend so resolutely stated “Well, you can’t win em all!” I felt like he punched me in the stomach with that statement but as I thought about he was right; but when you are part of a program that is used to winning and doing well losses come bitterly, very bitterly. I know its part of the game and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Isn’t life like that sometimes? We desire to be on the mountain top with the amazing things that God does in our lives and rightfully so but sometimes we need the valleys to grow. If all we ever see were the mountaintop view we may never know what it is to be someone who is in the valley and that is important to helping people, to relating to people. The trials in my life were there in part if not mostly because I chose to do something without asking God for His direction but He uses those experiences for His Glory. Because I seek to bring God the glory he deserves He helps me understand the importance of those valley times but doesn’t that make the mountaintop experiences better. So I will take my losses and choose to learn from them.

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