Monday, October 12, 2009

a picture of Christ

have you ever been reading in the OT and found a picture or a type of Jesus? this is not something that I seek after; it is one of those enjoyable experiences when reading an OT book. an example is Noah’s ark…you know the story! the picture of Christ is the ark, Noah’s family put their faith in what God had told them and there was a time when no one else could get on the ark because God sealed the door. just like salvation there is a time when accepting of the gift is available but then there will be a time when no one else will be able to accept the free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ… I find the concept really awesome…not the fact that people will be headed to hell but the fact that there are pictures of Jesus in the OT. so I have been reading different OT books and currently I am reading Numbers because I remember stating in a Bible study that even in the book of Numbers there is a picture of Christ, I think I found it but I am not going to say for sure until I finish reading the book. it may be an off the wall reason to read the OT but hey I am reading it! I really enjoy it too, now don’t think that I am going to Scripture with a preconceived idea that I will find a picture of Christ in a book and then making verses fit the idea that I have because I am not trying to prove anything here…I am just using an idea to help me read OT books that I probably would not read. so let me know what you think, read along and together we can see if we find a picture of Jesus in an OT book. and if you think I’m crazy or blasphemous you can tell me but the crazy part I already know that and as for the blasphemous part….really!!!!!!!!

happy reading!


Melanie said...

I think I just may join you on this quest for finding Jesus in the OT. Sounds like fun. Love ya

Gerald said...

well I am glad to read that someone is reading my blog, thanks you too!