Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i have a question, well....

i have a question, well i have a lot of questions but this is one that i have thinking on for a while.

When we commit sin, does it have the ability to heap more suffering and pain on Christ at the cross?

i know we are talking worm holes, time displacement, etc but and this here is a thought from a colleague "wouldn't one sin be enough suffering and pain to pay for?" i have always thought that because Christ paid for all sins, the pain and suffering was in itself complete. but for some reason the thought crept into my mind, "what if when we sin, we are heaping more pain and suffering on Christ?" (i would guess that this thought is a "feeder branch" that is sucking life and food from a main branch...the thought about my sins on Christ at the cross.)

i have tried to work this thought process out in my doctrine class, when we are studying the doctrine of sin. it was probably in an effort to emphasize the importance of thinking before we act; because in reality when we are presented with an opportunity to sin or fall into temptation we are making a conscious choice! i want that thought of Jesus Christ on the cross in the forefront of my mind so that when faced with sin, temptation, etc i will run, sprint (even at this size i can sprint), flee from sin!!! well hopefully some of you who are more intelligent than i am will comment. even if it is to say that i am crazy!

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