Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why I love Guatemala #2

i love Guatemala because it is absolutely beautiful! i have included a slide show of some pictures from around where we have been in Guatemala and i cannot wait to take my own pictures...er well for Sarah to take pictures of Tikal! Anyway, here you go!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Why i love Guatemala #1

i have to give credit to my brother in law from Washington state credit for the idea...sorry guys my imagination gets used up by my kids at school and my kids at home! for instance Coleman and i found that he starts laughing really really hard when we Kung Fu in the shower...in answer to your question why not? my bro in law started a series of blogs entitled Why I love the Pacific Northwest and i have to say some of it is pretty funny, socks and sandals that sort of thing! Here is the address if you are bored with my blog and want something different: http://www.raisingebenezer.wordpress.com/

moving on...

Why i love Guatemala #1--------Campaign Promises better be kept

The United States could take a lesson from this third world country. When i was in Guatemala this summer i was staying with amazing friends who are also missionaries ( Hey Brandon and Jenny) we were caught in traffic that didn't move for a while, i think two days. i was on my way to see another set of amazing missionary friends (Hey Danny and Daph). Apparently the newly elected president had make campaign promises to give the farmers fertilizer for their farms...seems easy enough but he reneged on the promise and the farmers got together and used their equipment and trucks to block major roadways all over the country...yes all over the country resulting in a two day traffic jam. I was worried i wouldn't get to see my friends or make it home. Needless to say i made it home without incident but after i arrived at home the farmers decided to block traffic again because not all of the fertilizer had been delivered. Eventually it all was worked out

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Website action

Thanks to my amazing creative and ever learning wife we now have a website. On our website you can read our newsletters, have your questions answered...the frequently asked questions...how to partner with us, a link to learn more about Guatemala and slide shows. We thank all of you who are praying and partnering with us, we need your prayers now more than ever. The address before i forget it is: www.lastrapeslegacyguatemala.blogspot.com

Please go check it out and let us know if you have some skills to help us out! Thanks!

Peace of Christ to You,

Jerry for all

i have a question, well....

i have a question, well i have a lot of questions but this is one that i have thinking on for a while.

When we commit sin, does it have the ability to heap more suffering and pain on Christ at the cross?

i know we are talking worm holes, time displacement, etc but and this here is a thought from a colleague "wouldn't one sin be enough suffering and pain to pay for?" i have always thought that because Christ paid for all sins, the pain and suffering was in itself complete. but for some reason the thought crept into my mind, "what if when we sin, we are heaping more pain and suffering on Christ?" (i would guess that this thought is a "feeder branch" that is sucking life and food from a main branch...the thought about my sins on Christ at the cross.)

i have tried to work this thought process out in my doctrine class, when we are studying the doctrine of sin. it was probably in an effort to emphasize the importance of thinking before we act; because in reality when we are presented with an opportunity to sin or fall into temptation we are making a conscious choice! i want that thought of Jesus Christ on the cross in the forefront of my mind so that when faced with sin, temptation, etc i will run, sprint (even at this size i can sprint), flee from sin!!! well hopefully some of you who are more intelligent than i am will comment. even if it is to say that i am crazy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i had to reset my password

you know you havent blogged when you forget your password and have to reset the dang thing. anyway, i have been busy with the start of school and beginning to fill our calendar with speaking engagements at churches. football is in the air as well as cool (well cool for southwest la) weather. things are different for me this year at school, i dont know if its having two planning periods (i have taught 6 of 7 hours for the past three years) or if things are beginning to change for us. we are incredibly excited about what God is doing in our lives as we move closer to Guatemala. i know what God wants us to do in Guatemala but i am beginning to get so much more of a clearer picture of what it will all look like for the life of the Guatemalan churches we will be in contact with. i am so much looking forward to time spent with pastors as we build relationships and help them with their churches. if you would like to partner with us please contact us. i have an email address attached to this blog site. we would greatly appreciate your support of prayer or finances or both! for those that are supporting us in prayer and finances we thank you very much. hopefully we will be seeing you soon. well my password is changed and hopefully i will be blogging more consistently again. i do hate that this blog is not funny, ill have to find a joke or something...it is exciting though!