Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i should really learn to take before pictures!!!

my last blog was at the end of june and i have not been doing a whole lot a noteworthy activities. we have been to texas twice once to LaMarque and once to LaPorte both times to spend with great friends in ministry, i am truly grateful for both families and the wisdom therein. i know you are wondering why i should learn to take before pictures and no i have not lost some crazy amount of weight and now look like a greek god...i already did! you know its funny! i have over the past year somehow become interested in bonsai, i have posted pictures on facebook of what i thought was bonsai but in reality i was a poser, still am but after the arrival of this years birthday present from my beautiful wife and wonderful kids i think i am actually beginning to understand the beauty. understanding the beauty and viewing the beauty are two different things hence the reason i need to learn to take before pictures. i received a juniper already potted by the "bonsai man" here in lake chuck...i really like this particular species because it is easily shaped, pruned, etc. the great thing about this particular plant is that i has this crazy bend in the middle of the trunk almost like it has been growing around a big rock or something. another great thing is that because of its bend it lends itself to be directed a specific direction. which for a beginner like me makes pruning easy. so without further adieu here are the
pictures! The white spots on the second pic are where limbs were removed to help in direction and the long "finger" will eventually be pruned back but not until other new buds have taken off. Anyway, i enjoy it and it helps take the stress away so...comment if you like. thanks!

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Jonas K. said...

Nice work Bro looking good! I'm thinking of getting into gardening next year, try out my green thumb.