Saturday, June 13, 2009

so i have been pretty busy

the past two weeks have been busy, last week i was in Guatemala missing my family a lot but spending time with great friends in Xela and Santiago Atitlan. The trip was a blur of activity and understanding that when you promise something to the poor people (en masse) you better make good on the promise (or in our case) they close off all major entrance/exit roads to major cities. I somewhat enjoyed the experience and my true laissez fare attitude presided. {Note to reader: i am hoping that my use of Spanish colloquialisms abounds as i begin to learn Spanish, but for now the French ones are working.} It was an interesting opportunity for me to see that sometimes plans don't always work out the way we think. It was a great trip meeting a lot of new people, some American, most Guatemalan. I was truly happy to see my family and be able to hug and hold my wife and kids. So now we are home we have gotten busy, i have started a paid internship at the church that is just a continuation of the internship out pastor has started with me to be better prepared for ministering to pastors. I absolutely love doing what i am doing, writing content for our website, researching curriculum, etc. I have also started working with one of Sarah's cousins (mowing yards in the cool Louisiana summer) who i have worked with in the past. All of this and we are still visiting churches as missionaries. Recently we were asked to be VBS missionaries for our friends at Indian Bible Church in Elton. This church is amazing and have been doing ministry with the Coushatta Indians for over 100 years! Check Sarah's blog for pics and her perspective. We had a great time and were wonderfully received, they even wrote a cheer for us, the video is probably going to be on Sarah's blog but because she is incredibly busy i will put in on mine for you guys to see. All that in two short weeks. Our church's VBS starts on Monday and we will be the missionaries for that as well, our seemingly open calendar is starting to fill up quickly which of course is perfectly okay with us, we love traveling and speaking about Guatemala and especially meeting new people. So, to recap, Guatemala, farmers needing promised fertilizer, church internship, wowing grass in 90+ degree weather (its only June!) and representation. Would i change anything, probably not and i definitely cant wait to see what God is going to do this summer!

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