Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adoption...its fantastic!

at the time i didn't know but my dad (step-dad but he raised me so he is honored with the title) had attempted to legally adopt me as his own, which is funny because i can remember a time when i told him that i wanted to be a Guerin. today takes on a very special meaning for me on two levels, the first being my adoption into the family of God with all that entails but on this day i want to focus on my physical father, the man who raised me; taught me how to tie my shoes, shoot a gun among other important aspects of growing into a man.

even though his endeavor to adopt me was thwarted by my biological father, i have never felt anything but his child, his flesh and blood, his son, his pride. last Christmas my grandparents were writing checks for the grandchildren and ours came: To the Order of Jerry and Sarah Guerin, which to me is pretty cool and was just one more example of my "adoption". my grandparents have done nothing short of making me feel like their own, from the age of 5 they accepted a scrawny, often times toothless grinned little guy and here i sit nearly 29 years later and still feel the love they all bestowed upon me' all of his brothers (3 younger) and their wives accepted me into the family as one of their own.

this day means so much to me as a son because i was "lucky"...i say "lucky" because so many kids these days and even back then didn't have a father figure like i did, didn't have someone who accepted them as their own and drew them into their family. "lucky" is a term that i use with a tinge of sarcasm (i know i know big shock coming from me) because God in His infinite wisdom put people in the lives of my parents that God would use to draw them to Himself and through my parents draw me to Himself. Fathers Day means something important to everyone but i thought i would reveal a little about myself and how even though my dad and i don't have the same last name and not for lack of trying we are still father and son.

Thanks Dad, I love you!

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