Friday, May 22, 2009

Ahhhhhh, Finals!!!!

I really enjoy this medium of blogging but all too often I find myself wanting to talk about something but end up talking about nothing…I know Sarah is nodding in agreement! I read peoples blogs about what they are reading or doing and honestly sometimes get envious of things that are happening in their life.

So not every day at school is blog worthy but there are days when the students are really interested in the subject matter and I get to answer the questions that they have… I really like having discussions in class because my students have great questions and sometimes I get to impart some knowledge to them but what is even better is that I can see these students (I hate calling them kids) thinking and trying to wrap their brain around the discussion.

As we were preparing for our final exam, the students in my all girls (there is one guy, but I let him sleep because unless you are trained to deal with that much estrogen its best to keep your brain low and intact with your skull) asked if it was going to be another weekly test just counting as a final grade or would it be cumulative.

Of course the maniacal teacher in me is screaming to be let out, but he is somewhat deterred by the fact that we just talked about sins not being on different levels but that society has deemed some sins acceptable and others not. I am not going down that road here, it’s too late, I am nearly burnt out and that is not the point of the story. The point is that we had just finished talking about “even white lies” being a sin…give me some leeway here.

The maniacal teacher says that the final will be cumulative and they should be studying notes from each doctrine we studied this year. By the way we pretty much covered every doctrine you would find on your churches doctrinal statement. I tell them this and they start launching questions and I barely get through class with a straight face.

The next day the whining begins and they start into the question barrage again and I can’t stand it, so I let them know that the final will be just like the weekly test they have been taking since week one. They of course are sort of upset but I tell them now aren’t as apprehensive about the final and will do well, which most actually scored A’s.

The final which is made up of memorizing (throughout the week) then writing out the weekly Scripture verse (for the final it was Hebrews 12:1-2) and testing over information from the chapter. This makes two tests that for finals sake are averaged. I guess the point of my story is that it is finals and I am trying to make my high school students feel at ease. I know long story that is meant to be funny and really falls short.

Finals can be a crazy time; I don’t remember any of my finals. I guess I repressed the memories. So if you find yourself thinking about it, pray for the students in your life as they deal with finals… and the teachers, we have to grade the test we write which reveals itself only when it is late and grades are due!!