Monday, April 13, 2009

i think i learned some things today...operative word is think

i woke up this morning with a terribly nauseated stomach and after numerous trips to the bathroom i finally took some Imodium which within seconds sent me to the restroom once more where i got anything but rest (i am amazed that some people can go years without [inner monologue has filtered all conversation on this subject]). anyway, Sarah told me to go lay down and i jumped all over that figuratively of course!

as i lay in bed with a couple books nearby and the remote to our television i began scanning the channel guide to see if anything worth watching was on. the key word here is worth, ill give you a rundown on shows that i watched and then try and justify to myself that they were worth my time.

i began watching a show about Indiana Jones and archaeologists and how some of them were actually inspired to be archaeologists by Indiana Jones! i finished that show only to switch between two shows of dangerous jobs Ax Men and Deadliest Catch. To be honest i prefer Deadliest Catch to just about anything but was interested by the show about loggers and the helicopters that brought the felled trees about of the forest. Of course i watched these shows while Sarah ran off to Wal-Mart to do some light grocery shopping without the kids!

the kids were in the living room watching Bolt which seems incredibly short for a movie and then Princess Diaries (Maddy watched, Coleman made a mess in the bedroom with his trains).

this is where my learning i gingerly got up to check things out to find the bedroom a total mess and both kids having began to eat an apple and a banana both of which were not finished. I cut the apple and let them know they wont be eating anything until the apple and banana were eaten! i choose not to use the starving people mantra of old because that really doesn't come into the life of a 6 and 3 year old; and knowing Coleman he would began his minimum of 3 why's!

so what i learned today, some people are influenced by movies to become doctors in their field; crab fishing looks like an adventure i would have enjoyed as a younger guy, heli-logging is absolutely nothing i would enjoy, unless i got to work the chainsaw; and never think that (even if your wife says she laid the law down) your kids are quietly watching a movie and being the perfect angels everyone else thinks they are. i did read some but that was fictitious knowledge so it doesn't count!

i guess i did learn some things today but the most important and really applicable in my life i already knew...quiet kids = mess to clean up.

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Sarah said...

And this lesson is priceless!