Tuesday, April 7, 2009

busy spelled backwards is ysub

well i am glad the title was eye catching because here you are or there you are reading! i could say that we have been busy with school, traveling to churches, etc but in reality we are living and ministering. the past few weeks have been a blur of pine trees, the Atchafalaya swamp, state troopers, and other driving scenery. some people say this is the hardest thing about being a missionary and honestly i wont know until we are in Guatemala but until then this seems like an exciting part of our journey. i really don't find it hard work, it may be somewhat tiring but then again what job doesn't have its late nights, early mornings or long days. the point i guess i am trying with little success is that we love speaking in churches and being an encouragement to other people.

this past Sunday we were in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs (a suburb with two Starbucks!!! it used to be a hick town) but i was able to speak in my home church, the church i grew up in, was exposed to missions and upon one of those mission trips was called into ministry. speaking there was a great time of reflection and thanks (on my part) for the families that impacted me in the Christian faith from friends who have known me since i was Coleman's age to family members who have known me my whole life and have been a part of my love for missions and ministry.

representation for me is not having to go around and petition churches for support but a time where i get to speak about what God has done in my (our) past, is doing in our present and will be doing in our future! we look forward to spending time with pastors, sharing the knowledge we have so graciously been given, we look forward to discipling these pastors to they may be able to better serve their congregation for the sake of the Gospel!

so back to the title, and you thought it didn't have a meaning....busy spelled backwards is ysub.
y sub....why sub....why substitute something in your life, i know i know its a stretch but so many people put things in their lives that have no meaning in the end, eternally! we are busy, but we love traveling to different churches and getting to talk about Guatemala and what God has done in our past, is doing in our present and will be doing in our future!

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