Monday, April 20, 2009

Another great weekend

this past week has been really great, i was able to spend a lot of time with my wife and kids as we were off for Easter Break. during this time we were able to spend some time with some great friends, spend time together as a family and get some much needed things done around here.

the weekend before going back to school was just as good. we were able to return to a church where we have spoken before and this time around we were able to speak to the congregation again. the church we spoke at is in an Army town and frequently has a change of congregation hence speaking again. have i ever told you all out there how much i enjoy representation? we were able to make deeper connections with people we met the last time we were there as well as create new relationships; it is amazing the people that God puts in our paths as we travel...i know i know big shock!

in the spirit of keeping you all up to date on our goings, within the past two churches we have been blessed with 5-6 people talking with us about partnering/supporting us, i have to say it is very exciting talking with people who are excited about the ministry God has put on our hearts and to hear them talk about wanting to come visit and minister with us in Guatemala. if you are out there and are wanting to partner with us financially we have a short term goal for this month: to partner with 10 individuals for at least $20/month to help us reach our long term goal of 85-90% of monthly support by December.

we are wanting to accomplish our long term goal for two reasons: the first is pretty obvious, so we can get to Guatemala but before we get there we will be attending a three month school in North Carolina. i may have made mention of this in previous blogs but i will just give a quick purpose behind the school. the training we will receive in NC will be to help us learn conflict resolution between missionaries and multi-cultural's, we will also learn to Teach basic English as a Second Language; during this time our kids will be learning some Spanish and the teachers there will continue any home school curriculum we are using. I think that was quick?!

if you are wanting to partner with us financially or prayerfully please email, call or facebook me. we look forward to seeing you all when we are passing through and know if you are passing through our neck of the woods (yeah right, nothing but rice/crawfish fields around here) let us know, we would love to see you, drink some Community coffee (the only real coffee) or just chat.

Peace of Christ to You

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