Wednesday, March 18, 2009


as a part of my internship with our pastor i was invited to go with him on some visitation calls this afternoon after work. for those of you who are reading this, i am updating you on what i wrote about last week. anyway, i had a great time of conversation and getting to get an insight into the life of a pastor while on visitation. no great moments of profundity occurred while out but our pastor did ask me after both visitations were over what i thought were the expectations of a pastor when on visitation and without much thinking on my part i responded...listening! that seemed to be the best thing we could offer the two women we spoke with, they just wanted to tell us what they were going through and how amazing it is to see God use them in this situation. This was from a woman who was in the ICU. she was an amazing person of amazing faith. she was an encouragement to our pastor and i. i am greatly inspired and motivated to attend more visitations as i am invited to do so. this was just one step in my internship and it was great, this especially being something that i thought i had an aversion to but as i told our pastor...its just having a conversation! so i look forward to listening and conversing with other opportunities of visitation in the future.


Melanie said...

Yeh, my only memory of visiting people in the nursing home is delivering travel sized toiletries and doing a quick "duty" of singing Christmas carols (how shallow is that?) What a valuable thing we could teach our children & others that visiting people because they are people who have emotional needs is so special and important! I always wanted to go to a local nursing home a few times a week and play an ongoing game of scrabble or checkers with some sweet sweet folks! Maybe one day I will follow up on that.

Daphne said...

Wow, this brings back memories. When I first started in ministry I would visit the nursing home with my brother and that is where I first started preaching. By the way the visitation never ends. I spend two days a week here in Guatemala doing the same. We can't wait till you get here to help us----Daniel