Thursday, March 12, 2009


With the arrival of our new pastor a lot of things have taken place concerning Sarah and I as missionaries. A missions team has been developed to help take the reigns of fund raisers for mission trips, to be prayer partners and a host of other responsibilities. Along with that our pastor has invited me to do an internship under him as I prepare for the mission field. I honestly did not think of this aspect of our ministry to, with and through pastors in Guatemala, but he did and I am very grateful.

We began last night before church and talked about visitation in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. I thought I had an aversion to nursing homes, I remember going to them as a young person and singing Christmas songs and bringing decorated shoe boxes to different people, but that was a long time ago and the thought of it made me quite nervous; until our discussion.

My thought was that it was about me and how would I respond in the situation. Which was all wrong! It wasn't about me, it was about the people I would be visiting, now you may think "well duh!" and rightfully so! The thought process I had "cooked" up in my head was that everything hinged upon me, not the case. I am there to talk to them, to connect with them, to be a listening ear to them, not vice-versa.

The aversion so I thought was nothing short of selfishness and how I would respond to the situation so what did our pastor do? He wants to set up a time to visit a member of our church who is residing in a nursing home! Can I tell you how excited I am! If not its too late because I already did!!

I love older people, i love hearing stories from their past, when Sarah and I go to my grandparents house we stay up until midnight listening and talking to my grandmother as she tells stories from "back when". It is amazing and I look forward to it every time, as I now do for my first visit.

The amazing thing is that this is all preparing me not just for life but for ministry as well. I don't know if there are nursing homes in Guatemala, i seriously doubt it, but it will help me when with a pastor and we are visiting a member of their church who has been sick for a while and is not expected to make it.

This is just the first of many steps in this internship but it is an exciting step, and sadly a practical step to the ministry in Guatemala that God has called us to do that I simply overlooked. And one I am very glad that our pastor did not overlook. I will let you know how the visitation went as it is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday!

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Melanie said...

Glad that you get this opportunity, that's really valuable and exciting. Hope you get a lot out of this internship.