Thursday, March 12, 2009

being an uncle

i know what your thinking, wow two blogs in one day, he must be showing movies instead of teaching! not the case!

i just visited my bro in law's blog site and looked at more pictures of my neice and i cannot wait to see her for the first time. i love babies, always have always will! she is so cute and reminds me of what Melanie (my sister) looked like when she was a baby, the great thing is that she also looks like Jonas (my bro in law). He has been warmly welcomed into the fatherhood club, warmly because he is still wet with warm spit-up! I remember both our kids and the inordinate amount of spit up they both produced and when they moved beyond that stage i missed it, along with the warm baby breath that soon gave way to plain ole morning breath. Coleman has since made this passage and has left his baby smell for a little boy aroma. Why am i talking about all this, i dont know, i have yet to hold my little neice but anticipate doing so. I love babies! We dont plan on having any more and God would have to do a Abraham/Sarah, Zechariah/Elizabeth miracle for that to happen. Anyway, i saw those pictures and felt compelled to write about it, have i said that i am excited about getting to see her for the first time? Surely i have, anyway, if you want to see the pics go to

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