Wednesday, March 18, 2009


as a part of my internship with our pastor i was invited to go with him on some visitation calls this afternoon after work. for those of you who are reading this, i am updating you on what i wrote about last week. anyway, i had a great time of conversation and getting to get an insight into the life of a pastor while on visitation. no great moments of profundity occurred while out but our pastor did ask me after both visitations were over what i thought were the expectations of a pastor when on visitation and without much thinking on my part i responded...listening! that seemed to be the best thing we could offer the two women we spoke with, they just wanted to tell us what they were going through and how amazing it is to see God use them in this situation. This was from a woman who was in the ICU. she was an amazing person of amazing faith. she was an encouragement to our pastor and i. i am greatly inspired and motivated to attend more visitations as i am invited to do so. this was just one step in my internship and it was great, this especially being something that i thought i had an aversion to but as i told our pastor...its just having a conversation! so i look forward to listening and conversing with other opportunities of visitation in the future.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

being an uncle

i know what your thinking, wow two blogs in one day, he must be showing movies instead of teaching! not the case!

i just visited my bro in law's blog site and looked at more pictures of my neice and i cannot wait to see her for the first time. i love babies, always have always will! she is so cute and reminds me of what Melanie (my sister) looked like when she was a baby, the great thing is that she also looks like Jonas (my bro in law). He has been warmly welcomed into the fatherhood club, warmly because he is still wet with warm spit-up! I remember both our kids and the inordinate amount of spit up they both produced and when they moved beyond that stage i missed it, along with the warm baby breath that soon gave way to plain ole morning breath. Coleman has since made this passage and has left his baby smell for a little boy aroma. Why am i talking about all this, i dont know, i have yet to hold my little neice but anticipate doing so. I love babies! We dont plan on having any more and God would have to do a Abraham/Sarah, Zechariah/Elizabeth miracle for that to happen. Anyway, i saw those pictures and felt compelled to write about it, have i said that i am excited about getting to see her for the first time? Surely i have, anyway, if you want to see the pics go to


With the arrival of our new pastor a lot of things have taken place concerning Sarah and I as missionaries. A missions team has been developed to help take the reigns of fund raisers for mission trips, to be prayer partners and a host of other responsibilities. Along with that our pastor has invited me to do an internship under him as I prepare for the mission field. I honestly did not think of this aspect of our ministry to, with and through pastors in Guatemala, but he did and I am very grateful.

We began last night before church and talked about visitation in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. I thought I had an aversion to nursing homes, I remember going to them as a young person and singing Christmas songs and bringing decorated shoe boxes to different people, but that was a long time ago and the thought of it made me quite nervous; until our discussion.

My thought was that it was about me and how would I respond in the situation. Which was all wrong! It wasn't about me, it was about the people I would be visiting, now you may think "well duh!" and rightfully so! The thought process I had "cooked" up in my head was that everything hinged upon me, not the case. I am there to talk to them, to connect with them, to be a listening ear to them, not vice-versa.

The aversion so I thought was nothing short of selfishness and how I would respond to the situation so what did our pastor do? He wants to set up a time to visit a member of our church who is residing in a nursing home! Can I tell you how excited I am! If not its too late because I already did!!

I love older people, i love hearing stories from their past, when Sarah and I go to my grandparents house we stay up until midnight listening and talking to my grandmother as she tells stories from "back when". It is amazing and I look forward to it every time, as I now do for my first visit.

The amazing thing is that this is all preparing me not just for life but for ministry as well. I don't know if there are nursing homes in Guatemala, i seriously doubt it, but it will help me when with a pastor and we are visiting a member of their church who has been sick for a while and is not expected to make it.

This is just the first of many steps in this internship but it is an exciting step, and sadly a practical step to the ministry in Guatemala that God has called us to do that I simply overlooked. And one I am very glad that our pastor did not overlook. I will let you know how the visitation went as it is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not in the blogging mood!

I just dont feel like talking about anything. I know, not very bloggish of me, but i really dont feel like talking about anything. Nothing is getting me frustrated or riled up enough to talk about so i have not blogged in a while. i read your blogs, comment sometimes but i just have not had anything to say, im pretty sure i have already said that and now that i am repeating myself ill close. but atleast i can be comfortable in knowing i blogged about something even if it is nothing.