Monday, January 5, 2009

Sitting and being still

I have returned from my annual New Years Eve/Day hunt with my father-in-law. We spent four days in northeast Louisiana hunting white tail deer to which we only saw two from our stands (one each). I am writing about this experience because for three days i had the opportunity to sit, be still and think....yeah right for an ADD adult. Let me set the mood for you all that have not hunted deer. We wake up at about 430 am get dressed, eat breakfast in the truck (two honey buns each-I think the sugary breakfast has something to do with walking and climbing), get out and begin walking into the woods in pitch black well we have flashlights but i think you get the point. This is a very interesting feeling, hearing animals moving around and running off, wondering if it is a deer, hog or bear. Then once arriving at a predetermined tree picked by previous deer slayings and "sign"-(poop, tracks, etc). At this point the deer stand is attached to the tree and then the climb begins, which is basically a crunch done vertically with 30 extra pounds, and clothes to keep warm once in the tree, a gun, etc. Once high in the tree, still very dark outside i find myself settling down and trying to relax and cool off, yes even in 20 degree weather you can work up a sweat doing all that walking and climbing. After a restless nap of constantly waking up hoping you aren't falling out of the tree, you begin to see dawn and what was once a dark void of light is now a slowly brightening array of trees, palmettos (at least where we hunt) and fallen trees. Nature begins to slowly wake up and begin its ritual survival and search for food. It is in this moment that i find myself needing to be most still, most quiet but very alert. But this is also the time where i find myself looking in the direction of every sound, it gets annoying when you hear something moving in the leaves only to find out it is a very large fox squirrel.

Isn't life like that, when you are in the quiet place for solitude and you are earnestly seeking God in the quiet, sounds that you would never hear in the normal pace of life suddenly sound extremely loud and unfortunately gain your attention. I fought this for three days in that stand, of course isn't that what i have set out to do is to see nature, had i set out with only my bible, a notebook and the deer stand i probably would not have been distracted by the very nature that i sought. So what am i trying to say....i think when we seek to spend time with God it is as a result of having that time presented to us as a second portion of the agenda, i wasn't seeking God as my first agenda, i used the time of solitude while waiting for that deer to appear and in the meantime i might as well do some praying and thinking. I wonder what would happen if i only brought my Bible, notebook and an earnest and sincere desire to spend time with God? I guess i will have to let you know next season! Just kidding!!


Daphne said...

Great blog J, Never been hunting but sounds ummm BORING. Glad you like it. Maybe you shouldn't wait until next year though. hee hee

Gerald said...

The funny thing is that it is boring, i have read books, listened to MP3 player; but it is nice to sit in nature and not have the sounds of industry. Glad you liked it and tell Danny to get off his butt and write a blog for crying out loud, seriously!!! :)