Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Addition...Olivia Grace

my baby sister finally gave birth on Friday to a 7 lb 1 oz, 19 1/4 inch baby girl, Olivia Grace! things like this absolutely amaze me, i knew i loved that little girl even before we knew who she was going to be and now that she is here i am reminded of both times i welcomed into this world our two beautiful children. i love that little girl (and her parents of course) so much it seems impossible to have or be able to produce that much love, especially for someone i have only seen pictures not have held her in my arms and kiss her chubby cheeks. i love my sister and her husband and now that love is getting multiplied not divided! (i know cheesy math joke) thank you Lord for my family and what they mean to me! even though we are separated by prairies, mountains and desert my love is transcending all of that. thank you Lord for the new life that you bring to this world to bring Yourself glory! thank you Lord for the healthy birth of me niece and for the health of my sister and brother-in-law. Amen and Amen!


Daphne said...

There is nothing like having a baby in your life to make you take a deeper look at things. I hope you will be able to sqeeze that baby and kiss those cheeks soon!!

Melanie said...

Your post left me speechless... I love you.