Saturday, December 13, 2008

snow day

so it snowed here on Thursday, i was pretty excited until i turned on the news to find that our parish and school who follow the public school policy of days off were not closed to to incliment weather! peaved until like 4th hour and we were outside at 6am! so that is like 5 hours of peavishness?! anyway, check out the fun times my kids has at my wifes blog; she took some great pics and i have to say that i am pretty happy my kids got to see some snow even if it was .40 inches compared to the 8" that southeast la recieved! anyway, snow is fun and cool to see on your car esp when within one week of said snow day, the temps are in the upper 70's! snow yeah, snow day yeah, snow day and go to work boo!

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Daphne said...

too funny....
My brother got 7 inches at his house. It looked like a winter wonderland. We came in one week later and were wearing short sleeves and it was 75!!!!!