Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quotation Monday!

I know it has been a while but if you read the blog below it may explain some of why i haven't posted a quote and try and put your own quotes down; anyway here goes:

"This obsession with personal autonomy has now been enshrined in law, specifically, in the 1992 Casey v. Planned Parenthood decision. In words written by Justice Kennedy...,the Court handed out the following: 'Liberty is defined as the right to define one's own concept of existence, of being, of the universe and of the mystery of human life '(emphasis mine). This passion for personal autonomy has brought modern life to a depressing state, a condition that was never more eloquently described than my Richard Neuhaus, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal that we are like hers of independent minds marching toward moral oblivion with Frank Sinatra's witless boast on our lips, 'I did it my way.' This obsession for autonomy has created utter chaos."

Charles Colson
Erasmus Lecture
Institute for Religion in Public Life
New York, New York

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