Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feeling the need to blog!?!

Have you ever found yourself wanting to write a blog and really not having anything to say? I often find myself in this position hence the question. Its not that things aren't happening in my life but some are just not blog worthy, can i say that? Well if not oh well...its better to ask forgiveness than permission! I could talk about the book i am reading, well one of the books i am reading and when i picked it up i read with the voracity of an upper level Bible college student who is late on his reading assignment but as i went into this Thanksgiving break from school, i found myself day dreaming, reading the newspaper, playing with my kids, etc. All good things, but as i have tried to finish this particular chapter/speech (The book is Charles Colson Speaks...its a "collection of twelve messages delivered in recent years to groups and organizations worldwide") so nonetheless good reading, deep reading, messages that engage our post modern culture and how to approach the culture in terms of apologetics. The crazy thing is that the message i am reading is about CS Lewis, who i absolutely love reading, i guess i have this sadistic streak that enjoys reading with book in one hand and dictionary in the other. I think that i should be enthralled to read his perspectives on the man who helped him (Chuck Colson) come to his own realization and understanding of his need of God, but honestly i find it begrudging to read, i read a page and flip to see how many more pages there are read some more and count again...there are twenty pages of this message and i am half way through. I guess maybe i built up within myself an idea that what was going to be said would be earth shaking but in reality don't. Well i guess i should get back to reading so i can finish the rest of the messages, i still have 5 more after this one to read, of which i am looking forward to reading but maybe without the built up hype. I guess i did have something to say after all. Peace of Christ to You!

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