Wednesday, November 12, 2008

After Veterans Day

The day after Veterans Day is still the same for me, I still love the fact that both my grandfathers served our country in the US Navy and US Army and actually one of my grandfathers served the Navy in WW II and the Army in Korea. I am quite humbled when considered to be in the same "fraternity" as these two men. For the past couple days Maddy has been asking me "Did you serve our country Daddy?" Of course my response is a proud and grateful "Yes!" She then said, "Daddy, your a veterinarian!!!" If only my service would have resulted in being an animal doctor!! Nonetheless it made my heart warm, to hear that her Kindergarten teacher was telling them about the service veterans did for our country. Dont let Veterans Day be the only day you tell a vet how much you appreciate their service and dont just forget the ultimate sacrifices that some soldiers and sailors made and are making. Thank your grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, random older men who still wear their ships crew hat, or that bright red Marine Corps ballcap, etc! Sure Veterans Day is about sacrifice, duty, honor and country but how much more should we appreciate the one Sacrifice that makes our lives even worth living, the one Sacrifice that gives us all hope...hope when faced with the most dire of being away from family for another tour in Afganistan or Iraq, or on patrols in the Pacific, pray for those men and women who will one day be counted veterans, pray that they find solace and peace in the one Sacrifice who is part of the freedom they serve for!

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