Monday, October 6, 2008

Quotation Monday

Fifty-three percent (53%)...Americans who say they do not need to know a PRESIDENTIAL candidate's position on abortion before deciding their vote.

Twenty percent (20%)...Americans who say they would NOT consider voting for a PRESIDENTIAL candidate whose position on abortion is different from their own.

Forty-four percent(44%)...Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 who agree "that in questions of religion, my own religion is right while other religions tend to be wrong."

Twenty five percent (25%)...Americans over 60 who agree!

GO FIGURE, pg 18
Compiled by Ted Olsen


Daniel said...

No wonder our nation is in the shape that it is in. We are a confused nation that has no conviction must less the gall to stand for anything good or righteous....By the way I started my own blog. check it out

Kenny said...

Hey Gerald. You're not mad at me are you? Haven't seen you around at sec rant. I know you're disappointed with your Tigers, but it's only one loss!

But it was to GATORS!!! HAAAA HAAA