Tuesday, October 21, 2008

busy is an understatement

ok so i am busy right now, like seriously busy! i do have time for mi familia but honestly that is about it. we went to BR (Baton Rouge) to visit my grandfather who recently had his hip replaced, my grandmother and my dad who is in for three weeks to help with my grandfather. While there my dad took us (Sarah, the kids and myself) to Bass Pro Shop outside of BR. Can i tell you how crazy huge this place is, needless to say i was able to relax, think about nothing but the enourmity of this place. Dad and I drove against each other in the NASCAR simulator with the kids which was pretty cool, until both kids pushed the emergency turn off button...anyway we had fun and cant wait to go back to look some more! Anyway, i have not been in the kingdom of blogdom but like MacArthur "I will return!"

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