Friday, September 12, 2008

We bit the bullet!!

We bit the bullet and headed to Birmingham for the second time in two weeks! We had an offer from one of my uncles in Baton Rouge but after passing over
I-10 in Iowa and saw all the traffic from the Houston area we decided to go north passing by Sarah's parents house to drop off some things from our freezer and pick us some things. We continued on our trek from Iowa north on Hwy 165 all the way to Monroe which was not a bad trip, the kids did well and slept most of the way there. Oh iI forgot to tell you that we left at 7pm...for Birmingham...8 hours away...can I tell you we are up for any adventure!!!! Anyway we made to Bham in 10 hours, I think somewhere around Vicksburg Sarah and I started to play the alphabet game to keep me awake and for me to torture her by using her competitive spirit against her!! :) Anyway, we never found an X or Z until Alabama and on the last leg of our journey. Those two points of location are about 5 hours apart. We played the game two times through, we made it here at 515am so not too bad. We promptly went to sleep without unpacking and were joyfully awakened to the sound of our son saying "Wake up, Daddy; Wake up!!!" A few un-Bible teacher, un-Christian thoughts flew through my head but instead i groggily woke up and began to persuade him to wake up mommy! Needless to say we got up this morning at 10am, unloaded the car again and now I sit at our gracious friends, the Ingram's, house using their wireless Internet to connect to all you out there who still read this rag. let us know how you are, what you are up to and other random points of interest. we love Louisiana but we really hate hurricanes. a friend provided Psalm 46 for me this morning uh afternoon, to which I am very grateful. I would comment about that passage but right now I am just pleased with myself for being able to read and comprehend, much less blog!!! Peace of Christ to You!

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