Thursday, August 14, 2008

School days!!

Every and I mean every first day of school my dad would come into my room and i would assume my sisters and sing the school days song. i don't know where the song came from or who even sang it but i think his dad sang it to him and from that point i don't know. anyway, today was my first day of school and i was very optimistic as i met new students, saw students from years past, etc. have i ever told you all how much i love being a teacher? well if i have not, i do! but this is not about that. tomorrow is Maddy's first day of school, our little girl is going to spend all day at school, now Maddy is tremendously excited, she loves school and learning and was very excited about the Promethean board in her classroom (her teacher gave us a demonstration and let some of the kids use it at orientation). If you don't know what a Promethean board is, ask a teacher or go to and you can go to video showcase. ok... ok ill tell you that it is a tool for teachers that uses an interactive video board and video projector but allows teachers to perform all kind of functions from extensive and advanced math problems to simple pattern and logic problems for Kindergartners. i am very much looking forward to Maddy's first day and would love to take her to school but because we are not at the same school her mom will get to take her. i know what is going to happen, Sarah is going to bring her in and Maddy will run off to play or talk to her new friends, i thank God everyday she is able to make friends with someone she does not know! Sarah will want to linger as most first child parents do when their first goes to school. Pray for us both, i know my mind will be wandering to what Maddy will be doing instead of where it should my classroom. i am so excited that Maddy is getting this opportunity before we head for Guatemala and if our timing is matching God's this may be her only year in American elementary or schools for that matter. we don't know what God holds for us as to a time-frame in Guatemala and are not really concerned with it either. pray for Maddy as she makes new friends, and more than likely talks about Guatemala. pray that she will be able to tell her friends and teacher why we are going to Guatemala. thank you ahead of time for your prayers. peace of Christ to you! oh yeah, i still don't know if i will sing this song to Maddy tomorrow morning, i want her first day of school to get off an a good start and not with her daddy "singing" to her first thing!!!!


Jonas R. Knudsen said...

I don't know of this song...I'll have to ask Melanie

Gerald said...

yeah i really remember dad singing it really loud so......thanks for the blog update, it was nice to see some pics of our new nephew/neice!!!!