Sunday, July 20, 2008

Speaking not preaching!

So for the past two weeks, well really since before we went down to Guatemala i have been preparing for service at Woodlawn Baptist Church. Pulpit supply is something i never thought i would be doing, much less being part of a rotation. All i have to say is...................i love it! At this point you are wondering what the title means and to be honest its what i do, i dont know if i have ever preached a sermon what i prefer to do is share with the congregation what i have gleaned from Scripture and make a connection with real life. Preaching to me is something that you are telling the congregation, i am very much a relational person so i want to communicate with the congregation and share with them. I know i have already stated this but preaching has such a stigma attached to it...i guess it does, i prefer to tell people i am speaking in churches instead of preaching in churches. I dont know let me know what you think!


Kenny said...
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Kenny said...

Gerald, think about this: Paul described his and our task as preaching (Eph. 3:8; 2 Tim. 4:2). Not conversing or dialoguing or speaking, but preaching. Preaching should be a badge of honor for every man given the priledge to wear it. There will always be stigmas attached to the things we do for Christ, if we forfeit them, before long we will forfeit everything.

Gerald said...

I guess my point is in dealing with the symantics of the words not their Biblical roles, i do very much consider speaking in church a badge of honor. i guess i am thinking in terms of speak found in John 3:11. thanks for the thoughts.