Sunday, July 27, 2008

am i seriously ready for school?

in our church are quite a few teachers who all teach at different schools and teach different grades at public schools. overwhelmingly the feeling is unbelief that school is about to start again; what is interesting to me is that i am ready for school, and actually was not really ready for school to end. for those of you who don't know when school is over i usually do "lawn maintenance"---cut grass---during the summer months. a lot of you are probably putting two and two together and thinking well that's why he does not want school to end but in reality i love being outside in the sun (even 100 degree weather with 100% humidity); no the sun has not fried my brain, i wear a hat to keep mr. sun from blistering my oh so hairless head. the point i am taking forever to get to is that i love teaching, i love spending time with teens, i love teaching the Word of God and i love seeing my students talk to me about what God is doing and being willing to stand up in front of class to talk about it. for those of you who are Christian school naive, not every student is a Christian and not every student is living a life worthy of Christ and as sad as it is to hear students sharing with their peers what God is doing in their lives makes me so humbled to be called to teach God's Word. i love teaching because i get to stumble through God's Word and make an attempt to bring my students along. i get to teach not just the Word of God, but surviving lifes curve balls (8th), old and new testament survey (9th) and doctrine of Christianity (10th)! so much of teaching for me is using my life as an example of things not to do and i know in the back of my mind which students are going to walk that path but i also know which students will see me for my mistakes and choose a path led by Christ. i love school, teaching and for someone who skated by on C's,that's crazy talk; but in all honesty i cannot for the life of me see me doing anything else except maybe taking this knowledge to Mayan churches in Guatemala. i love teaching and am totally ready for school to start!!!

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