Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Might Be Losing My Mind!

I love reading, so much so that I will often go the library to get books to read within a specific amount of time at the exact same time I am reading books that I own but have yet to finish, why is this? Did I say I love to read! Currently the books (yes plural) on my nightstand are The Five Love Languages, The Journal of Jim Elliot, America’s Hidden History and Abba’s Child. Now sure three out of four, three quarters or three-fourths of the books are Christian in essence but it is the non-Christian book that I sought out in the midst of these four books and mind you I put back on our shelf three other Christian books (Jesus Christ Disciplemaker, Let the Nations Be Glad and God Planted Five Seeds). I love history and I love to read so that is a pretty good marriage but this incessant desire to read books from the library instead of reading my own books. Some of you are thinking that I have spent way too many hours in the sun, the bright, hot and impenetrable sun of Southwest Louisiana but I have not, I am simply trying to understand my logic, my thought process, my addiction?!? You see this is not some new fangled thought in this gleaming cue ball of a head I have, this has been something I have fought against since college, where the love for reading was instilled or rather dictated! Nonetheless I still love to read, so for the next couple of weeks I will be reading America’s Hidden History and hope that I can finish it before the idea of lengthening my keep of the book becomes a reality instead of the result of procrastination. I don’t think I have a problem but then again it is not until we are well far gone before we realize we do right? I guess I should probably let you know at what stage I am at in each of the afore mentioned books and if you really don’t care where this blog is going you’ve stopped reading anyway so…The Five Love Languages is in chapter 8, and well I haven’t started the other three. The reasoning behind the other three books are as follows: The Journal of Jim Elliot-mainly because I am very much intrigued by those five men who gave their lives to God for the Waodani Tribe; America’s Hidden History because I love movies like National Treasure, Indiana Jones, etc and yes I know archeology is not that interesting and mysterious but it is my perogative ok! (sorry) and Abba’s Child because it was mentioned by a counselor with whom we met with while in Candidate Orientation with CAM. I know you are thinking does everything you write about have to be about CAM, Guatemala or missions…I don’t know I’m talking to myself and unfortunately my fingers no longer move as fast as my brain anymore, or has my brain began to slow and my finger motion is incredibly s l o w! See what I mean, my complex brain is working on levels people only dream of! Dang right I said that! Well off the rabbit trail on back onto the main path…I love reading and will probably never stop and honestly at any point I will have at least two books going at the same time and all this in the midst of studying for the Sundays we are speaking in churches…about CAM…Guatemala and missions! :) So I love reading, I have admitted it and will probably never look back, at least until I set a book down and cant remember what I had previously read! To books!!

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