Thursday, May 22, 2008

I See Light

I added the picture (to the right) to my blog because the title is I see light and somehow found its way into our collection of pictures from Guatemala. I say somehow but truly believe it is a symbolic picture (as well as a real picture) of the spiritual condition in Guatemala. I love this picture because of the light not simply slipping in a crack, but pouring in a major opening, God is working in Guatemala, He has been working in Guatemala and He will continue to work in Guatemala long after we are gone. We are humbled by the calling of God to Guatemala! For so long the people of Guatemala have been trapped in a life of worshipping inanimate gods that they hoped would bring fertilization to their crops, health to their bodies and joy to their life. They have often given in homage, things they cannot afford to give away for nothing in return.
In the area of Lake Atitlan, the local deity is Maximon, an actual wooden carved idol, who is dressed in a suit and fedora, he also wears about ten ties for some reason, I can’t stand one much less ten, but then again this idol is not alive so…
Anyway, before a person’s conversion to Christianity, most indigenous Mayans have incorporated this idol worship with their faith in Catholicism. The above mentioned picture reminds me so much of the darkness that these people are in as a result of the syncretism of their faith. I wish I could say that when a Mayan converts to Christianity that they have a full understanding of God being all they need, but unfortunately that is not the case. It seems that the Christianity (I dare not state a percentage) they engage in is just one more thing they can add to a life of faith.
Sarah and I have wonderful friends all over Guatemala who are engaged in the ministry with Mayans, and as a result have shared with us the vision God has given them. We look with anxious nervousness to the time God has set for us to be in Guatemala full time, we are presently working with churches and individuals who will partner with us to help us engage in this vision. The great thing about the vision we have been given is that God Himself has seen what the Guatemalans need in their life of faith and put that vision on our hearts.
When you think of that picture remember the spiritual darkness of all people who do not know Jesus Christ, foreign and here in the states. Pray for the missionaries that are sharing their faith and the churches who are reaching out to the lost. As missionaries, we are not bringing God to these places, and I am quoting Rob Bell here, “If love is in these places, if laughter is in these places, if joy is in these places then God is there!” We are I guess (revealing) God to them through these things. Pray for us as God prepares us to do His will.


Kenny said...

So when do you guys think you're going down? How much support do you have?

Gerald said...

Funny you ask this question, Sarah and I are conversing about that very subject. We have set a date of November 2009 and we are praying that God will "blow our minds" with what He does. The reason we chose Nov 2009 is that the average amt of time to raise support is two years. I was under the impression we were at 14% but with our pastor recently leaving we are unsure if the church is still going to commit the amt he stated. Please pray for us and our church as we endure this process.