Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blog of my own

Ok, so I needed a blog of my own because my wife has overrun our "missionary" blog with artsy fartsy things (albeit they do make some cash for us) but nevertheless, when I post something I think is really profound it does seem to loose some steam when my beautiful wife posts something about jewelry or even something cute about Maddy or Coleman. So this first blog will be short and sweet and within a few days I will post my previous post from "our" current blog turned Sarah's! So let me explain my blog title, I know most of you know what full count is as referring to baseball, my favorite sport of all time, and the sport I get to coach where I teach. We are headed into the first round of playoffs for the state championship and have a very good chance of going far if not all the way. The reason I chose full count instead of some awe inspiring baseball lingo is because at the lowest point in my life I felt I had a full count against me; living completely for myself, totally against everything God wanted for me! Luckily, I got to first base and cannot wait to round third to head home. Now I know this is stretching the lingo a little far but as I sit here with numerous blisters after hitting two hours worth of outfield practice that is what is on my mind. I will say that I am super excited about where God is leading us and the things he is doing in our life, but I will always look forward to the Blessed Hope or at least my home going. I know I said this would be short but I guess once you get me going well you see...I pray that all is well with you and yours and that God is rocking your world with His will for your life!!!!

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